Montag, 16. Februar 2009

BERLIN (Charlottenburg) LIETZENSEE

berlin lietzensee,
to day, early in the morning
i live here. it's a very beautifull place and in the near of the kurfürstendamm.
in the middle of the city.


John hat gesagt…

Hi, got here somehow - I use (sample) bits of photos in my electronic.quilts - I am particularly fvond of winter trees...please comment on my blog if you allow me to sample from here a bit....great photos here....

Regards from NYC.

kuartzo hat gesagt…

Oh, I would love to visit Berlin!
And I will someday :)

Greetings from Portugal!

Nivedita hat gesagt…

Love the photography...also considering the fact that I've never seen snow in my life :)) It is beautiful!

It is cold...can feel it :))